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Our Philosophy

Our goal at Map My Plan is to improve the financial literacy of everyone. We think this will help you reach your goals and ensure money is not a stress in your life.

We’ll continue to build the resources within Map My Plan to help you make well-informed financial decisions.

We’ll continue to grow the capabilities of the Financial Roadmap tool to ensure we focus on the things that are important to you. Your feedback is crucial here – let us know what we can improve to make this service even more valuable.

Our declaration of financial independence: 10 things we believe in

We think it’s important that you know what influences the recommendations given to you when building your personalised financial roadmap with us. Here are ten things that shape who we are and the way we do business:

1. The freedom money can bring

We understand the main reason you build a financial plan is to make sure you have money to do the things you want throughout your life. No one wants to take a wrong turn – it could be an expensive mistake.

2. Quality advice for everyone

We want to make sure that every person can access quality advice when its convenient to them, and without it costing a fortune. That’s why our service is self-directed and available for a minimal monthly fee. That lets us continue adding functionality to the roadmap tool and providing this service to you.

3. There shouldn't be any conflict of interest

Financial advice should not focus on selling a product. It should focus on empowering you to make well-informed financial decisions throughout your life. So we have no agenda for our recommendations, other than building your knowledge and understanding of how today’s actions will impact your future as you work towards your goals.

4. Just the plan, that grows with you

The greatest impact that an adviser can have on your ability to reach your financial goals is to build you a plan – what you do, whether that’s investing or saving, comes after the plan. That’s why we only focus on advice – not automating an investment. We also believe a plan should be flexible enough to adapt to the changes you’ll experience as you travel through life.

5. We should all have a good, solid financial foundation

In order to build a plan you need to build a solid foundation to support the goals you want to work towards. This will mean focusing on getting the simple, boring things right. Like managing debt, taking out enough insurance and building a financial safety net. Then we can focus on strategies to reach your unique goals – and build long-term wealth for you.

6. Protect yourself

You’ve worked hard (or are working hard) to build up savings and we believe it’s sensible to be conservative when building your financial roadmap. That’s why we start with this solid foundation, and won’t expose your hard-earned savings to more risk than is needed to reach your goals.

7. Plan for your retirement

Superannuation is a great way to save for retirement, and that’s why it’s a critical part (but not the only part) of every Australian’s financial roadmap to ensure they can live the life they want in retirement.

8. Giving you the information you need to make the best decisions for you

At some stage in your financial life it may be necessary for you to get holistic, personalised advice from a financial planner. This will be particularly useful as your financial life becomes more complicated. Don’t worry, with the knowledge you gain from Map My Plan you’ll be able to find the right person to help. We’ll even help you understand what to look for in a good adviser.

9. Helping you to build your own financial roadmap

There is no single investment strategy for everyone. There is no ‘get rich quick’ advice that we can give you. But we can ensure you know the path to reach your own goals.

10. Long term strategies

When investing for the long-term (more than ten years) it’s very hard to consistently beat the market – not impossible, but very hard. So we think when investing for long-term growth it makes sense to invest in a low cost option.

Above all, we believe that financial success is attainable for everyone. Most things in life that are worthwhile take some effort, and sometimes we need to change what we are currently doing to reach our goals.

Once we're ready, it’s the plan that will get us there.