Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use MMP for Advisers?

Wouldn't it be great to be able to provide your clients with a living financial plan? How about being able to engage your clients in a manner that they actually start the planning process and you add the real high-value strategic advice?

You also give them the ability to reach you for help while they are building their plan.

How about being able to know, with a simple enquiry, what services and solutions each client needs right now? Even better, your clients know they need help in specific areas.

This is what Map My Plan for Advisers can do for your clients and your practice.

Once activated, clients can be quickly uploaded into the system. From there, you choose which valued clients receive access and any additional guidance based on your client value proposition.

Map My Plan for Advisers can assist with business metrics. By using the quick function menu or report generation tools, you can obtain client and or profitability metrics. It can also simplify the process of collating specific clients for reviews or marketing campaigns.

For a full list of features click here.

Why should I offer Map My Plan’s online advice service ( to my clients?

Because everything’s online, it provides a safe and cost effective environment in which your clients can experiment with different scenarios and tools not traditionally available to the public.

It’s a great self-directed method of offering personal financial advice to existing and potential clients (particularly the tech-savvy). The experience will enhance a client’s appreciation of the expertise and value your practice provides as their financial learning grows.

How do my clients access and use Map My Plan’s online advice service?

You can email them with the unique web address where they can set up an account, or you can load up some existing info you have and generate an activation email from within the adviser portal.

Either way your clients receive an email from you inviting them to participate in improving their financial fitness. Clients click on the link to access the website (branded with your practice details, powered by Map My Plan) where they can activate their account. Once complete (it takes a few seconds), they commence their online advice journey.

By applying smart technology to traditional financial planning processes like fact finding and risk profiling, a little piece of information goes a long way, enabling advice and recommendations to be generated instantly (online and as a statement of advice which can be updated and downloaded repeatedly).

How long does it take a client to get started?

Generally speaking, most clients who have internet experience take a few minutes to activate their account and get started on a goal. Because they’re kept engaged, it’s common for them to keep working through one goal, altering details to see how it changes their financial landscape and then move onto other goals.

Before they know it they have started building a personalised financial plan.

How do I use Map My Plan for Advisers advice services with clients?

It's 100% online and can be accessed via web browser on any device.

Because Map My Plan for Advisers is an online service you can monitor how one or several clients are working through their financial goals anytime, anyplace, making recommendations or changes as it suits.

This presents a range of opportunities such as complementing your advice recommendations, satisfying compliance requirements and demonstrating the value of your client service offering.

Who owns Map My Plan?

Map My Plan Ltd (ABN 47 602 457 732) was founded in late 2014 by Paul Feeney and has it’s own Australian Financial Services Licence (number 485665). It has no ties with any financial institutions, independently owned and provides personal financial advice (no product recommendations or referrals).

How long does it take and what’s involved in the set up?

About 5 minutes if you’ve got everything ready. When you register for the first time, you go through a 2 step authentication process. Once complete, upload practice details like the contact name, your email address, company logo. Once created, clients can be uploaded.

The system generates the unique web address which you give to clients and prospects for them to gain access.

What customisation options can I have to my own site?

Map My Plan for Advisers can be customised based on your specific business needs - the options are really only limited by your imagination - and money you want to spend.

Customisation options include further branding, reporting, email communication to clients, platform features, even integrating with your database and CRM.

Contact us if you’d like to know more.

How do I import my clients?

Within Map My Plan for Advisers, click on the CSV Uploader. There’s guidance every step of the way - including a sample CSV file you can use to create a client list.

Alternatively upload your own client CSV from financial planning software that you use. It’s quick and easy to use.

More help is available via the help section or you can contact us at any time.

How many clients can I upload?

Up to 500 clients at one time. You’ll have to repeat the process if you’ve got more than 500. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help.

How long does it take to upload clients?

If you’ve followed the suggested CSV format - minutes. But things like your system requirements, internet speed and file size can affect the timing. This is one of the reasons why we limited the client upload. It's just easier and safer to do it in smaller batches.

How do I notify my clients that they can start using Map My Plan’s online advice service?

When you’re ready, click on the check box next to a client's name and then on ‘Send activation email’. This delivers a system generated welcome email to your clients and includes a unique link which gives them access to your tailored online advice service as well as linking them to your Map My Plan for Advisers portal.

Where you have multiple advisers each adviser has a specific link to ensure those clients will automatically be linked to their user account. The administrator of your account can also assign advisers to specific clients.

How do I generate client reports?

Using the Reports function within Map My Plan for Advisers (also called adviser portal). It’s located on the left, and once selected, you can choose various fields depending on the type of reports you’d like to generate.

What type of client reports can I generate?

In the adviser portal you can generate unlimited reports that will help you identify client needs that you can help with. Client reports can be generated under 3 main areas:

  • Goal Progression - Find all the clients that are working on a specific goal or completed it.
  • General Status - filters can be applied to generate reports based on client’s age, income, debt, net worth or types of insurances in place etc.
  • Identifying Opportunities - this is where the magic begins. We have listed simple questions where you just fill in the variable and the report lists all clients that meet the criteria. Like clients who are under-insured for life cover.

If you find yourself staring at this section wishing there was the ability to search by other variables then let us know and before you know it we will add that too.

Is there a limit to how many SoAs a client can produce?

There’s no limit on how many SoAs a client can generate, download or print off. A client can generate a brand new SoA each time they make a change or update their personal information.

Is the data secure?

As secure as currently technology permits. We take data security and privacy very seriously and therefore handle and store information in accordance with the privacy laws and other legislation such as the Corporations Act.

Click here for more information on our security policy and privacy policy.

What do I do if my client has a problem using the website?

Contact us and we’ll go from there. For example, if it’s account related, like they have deactivated their account by accident, we’ll need to help with that. Alternatively, if they’ve lost your activation email, then you can generate a new one. It all depends on what they need, but we’re happy to help at any time.

How do I get my free trial?

By clicking on the signup button you can register to start your obligation free 60 day trial.

Do I have to provide you with my credit card or bank details when I sign up for the 60 day trial?

No way! We won’t ask for your payment details until you’re ready to sign up to a plan that suits your business needs. You will get emails from us letting you know when you are getting close to the end of the trial period.

I want to sign up, but don’t want to lose the days left on the free trial period?

Thats fair enough. So you can sign up at any time and we will add the remaining free days to the end of your year contract ensuring that you really do get 60 days free trial.

What if I don’t want to carry on after the free trial?

Let it lapse and do nothing. Your free trial will automatically expire after the 60 day free trial period.

What happens to my clients that sign up during the free trial if I don’t sign up to a subscription package?

Your clients will still be able to access their information and access online advice via Map My Plan’s public website (, but you will no longer be able access your clients info and identify unique services for them.

If I decide to sign up to Map My Plan while on the 60 day trial, when do I start paying for my subscription?

The first 60 days are free! If you decide to sign up to May My Plan as a subscriber, you will need to provide your credit card details 60 days after you sign up from the trial period to ensure you and your clients will continue to have access.

Can I change my price plan mid contract?

Yes. Within Map My Plan for Advisers, go to ‘Billings Details’ and select ‘Upgrade Your Account’. You can also move from monthly payments to annual payments at anytime (contact us if you have any problems).

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Once you create an account you can check out our help section. If you still have some questions or problems use the contact us form to contact us with your query.

Can I have more than one practice on a license?

Unfortunately we are not set up for that as yet. You need to purchase a subscription for each practice. However there is no limit to the number of advisers who can use Map My Plan within each practice.

Is Map My Plan for Advisers Robo Advice?

We’re a digital advice provider, not a robo adviser. The key difference is that Map My Plan only provides advice, not product recommendations (and never will) which encourages clients to seek advice from you.

Map My Plan is not a comprehensive advice service and accordingly, clients with needs outside the services offered are actively encouraged, throughout the website, to seek assistance - especially if they want help to implement their plans.