How it works

User Interface

For your clients, Map My Plan has been specifically designed to have a customer centric interface that makes it quick and simple to enter and extract data.

Know your prospects before the first meeting

Your prospects drive the first steps of gathering data required to provide advice. Before they know it your clients have started building their financial plan and the relevant fact finding information is complete.

This enables your first meeting to be strategically focused enabling you to add value and help your clients reach their goals.

Bring their plans to life

With Map My Plan you can provide all of your clients with a living plan that they can interact with and update as their situation changes.

This enables you to provide one-on-one attention to the right clients at the right time. To avoid any duplication you can easily upload a .csv file so that the current client information that you have is uploaded into Map My Plan.

Proactive Advice

You can run reports to identify opportunities - see which clients are underinsured, have excess cash or have more equity available. Map My Plan’s reports are easy to generate and understand, and enable you to provide real-time advice and insights.

It’s a valuable tool for your clients providing greater access to your business and financial services offering, even while you sleep.

Solutions when they need it

Through the process of self-discovery clients uncover shortfalls in their plan. The ‘contact your adviser’ function makes it easy for clients to directly ask you for help when they need it.

Ongoing client education

Map My Plan sends automated monthly educational articles that are relevant to an individual situation. All emails are branded with your logo and come from your email (allowing a reply directly back to you). This ensures you stay front of mind.

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