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Dashboard - first time use


● Once you have registered, and every time you return to the site, you will automatically be directed to the dashboard.

● The dashboard works as the home page on Map My Plan. It has a top menu to take you to other areas of the site, a summary of the goals available for you to set yourself, and links on the right hand side to useful tools and calculators.

● When you access the Dashboard for first time, Map My Plan will recommend which goals you start first based on your qualifying questions, but you can start any goal or goals you would like.

● You will also see your Financial Fitness Score on the right of the screen. This score improves as you start, progress and complete your goals and as your financial planning improves, allowing you to keep track of your progress.

● As you start your goals, Map My Plan will make recommendations at the top of the screen for you on how to improve them, and which other goals you should start to improve your overall Financial Fitness

● As soon as you click on your first goal you will be directed to complete your account creation, as detailed in create account

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