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How it works


Online financial advice for everyone

A road map for your financial future

We provide you with a plan for your financial future, based on where you are now and where you want to get to.

Just answer 5 quick questions about your current financial situation and we'll recommend some initial financial goals to get you started.

Review your goals

Your dashboard will show the goals we recommend for you plus the goals you can use to increase your financial fitness into the future. Once you get started, we'll create a secure account to make sure all your details are kept safe.

Advice, articles & tips

You get access to our resource articles, tips, explainer videos and your personal email coach to help you stay educated and motivated.

More to come!

You can map out a plan for: Managing lifestyle debt: Building an emergency fund; Protecting your lifestyle and assets; Making the most of your super; Planning for a comfortable retirement; Managing investments; Saving for something & Paying off a mortgage. We're currently working on a Life events goal which will include things like compensation and death.

Most popular

Dashboard - first time use

Once you have registered, and every time you return to the site, you will automatically be directed to the dashboard.

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Investment summary

Because you can have multiple investments in different asset classes, when you return to your ‘Investment’ goal you will automatically navigate to an ‘investment summary’ that highlights the sum of all of your investments.

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Financial status

The Financial status form is split into 4 parts and is where you log, view and edit your income and expenditure details.

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