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Retirement income advice


● Map My Plan provide a range of advice specific to helping you with your retirement income goal. This advice can be found in key sections, easily accessed either from the grey bar on the left hand side of the summary page, or via the buttons at the bottom of the summary itself.

● Some of the advice provided is general advice based on best practice, but some of it will link specifically to your situation based on the details you’ve provided. Click the links to find out more.

Most popular

Dashboard - first time use

Once you have registered, and every time you return to the site, you will automatically be directed to the dashboard.

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Investment summary

Because you can have multiple investments in different asset classes, when you return to your ‘Investment’ goal you will automatically navigate to an ‘investment summary’ that highlights the sum of all of your investments.

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Financial status

The Financial status form is split into 4 parts and is where you log, view and edit your income and expenditure details.

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