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Planning for a comfortable retirement

Your summary will list the income streams contributing towards your retirement and show you what your combined retirement income will be.

Retirement income advice

Map My Plan provide a range of advice specific to helping you with your retirement income goal. This advice can be found in key sections...

Editing / Updating your Retirement income

To edit your details in your ‘Retirement income’ goal you can either click on the ‘Update’ button below the goal on the dashboard.

Completing your retirement income goal

When you have enough money saved or sufficient income through your ‘Super’ or ‘investments’ goals, your ‘Retirement income’ goal will move to being complete.

Re-starting your retirement income goal

Should you wish to restart your ‘Retirement income’ goal after you have completed it, click on the main goal icon or on the ‘Re-start’ goal button beneath it.


If you create multiple investments, you’ll see the number of investments you have displayed as a number under the investments icon

Investment summary

Because you can have multiple investments in different asset classes, when you return to your ‘Investment’ goal you will automatically navigate to an ‘investment summary’ that highlights the sum of all of your investments.

Investment advice

Map My Plan provide a range of advice specific to helping you with your ‘Investment’ goals. This advice can be found in key sections, easily accessed either from the grey bar on the left hand side of the summary page, or via the buttons at the botto

Completing your investment goal

Unlike all of the other goals, the investment goal does not ever reach ‘completed’ as there is no obvious end to your investment plans.

Cash & fixed interest

You can make your ‘Cash & fixed interest’ investment an individual or a joint investment. You can chose whether you are reinvesting your investment income or withdrawing it.