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How much can I contribute to super?

They say there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. I would suggest Australians deal with a third, ongoing changes to superannuation. The government of the day just cannot help themselves – always tweaking something.

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How to choose a super fund

There’s a lot of information out there to help you choose a super fund but most of it focuses on performance and fees. Sure, these are important, but we believe there’s a lot more to consider. Here's a run down of what we think is important.

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Drawing retirement income from your super

You could reasonably question whether a tax-free retirement account, a tax structure in which you could hold investments and never pay a cent in income tax, capital gains tax or any other tax for that matter, was actually legal.

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Downsize the home, upsize the super

downsizing contributions into superannuation

First home super saver scheme

From 1 July 2018, eligible first home buyers may be able to withdraw voluntary super contributions (which they've made since 1 July 2017) to put toward a home deposit.

Consolidate your super because it's your future

‘Consolidate’ means to make something stronger, more solid or effective. So it makes perfect sense to consolidate your super. If you only have one account in super that’s great, but are you sure?

How to access the Age pension

The age pension is a safety net for those who don’t have sufficient means to fully provide for themselves in retirement. It’s paid by a government department called Centrelink (also known as Human Services) to people who have reached the qualifying a

When can I get hold of my super?

As you’ve probably noticed, super is confusing and has lots of rules. One that annoys most people is this: not being able to access it until meeting a condition of release.