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Should you pay off your mortgage or invest calculator

A mortgage represents non-deductible debt and repayment should always be a priority – unless you can achieve an investment returns which are greater than your borrowing costs.

How much can I contribute to super?

They say there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. I would suggest Australians deal with a third, ongoing changes to superannuation. The government of the day just cannot help themselves – always tweaking something.

How to choose a super fund

There’s a lot of information out there to help you choose a super fund but most of it focuses on performance and fees. Sure, these are important, but we believe there’s a lot more to consider. Here's a run down of what we think is important.

Be smart with your mortgage - use an offset account and a redraw facility

​Around 69% of all home loans in Australia have a redraw facility, while 40% have an offset account. Some have both. So who’s acting in their own best interests? Before we answer that question and offend you, let’s put them under the microscope.

Breaking the debt cycle

Getting into debt can be a little bit like stepping onto quick sand. Before you know what’s happened, you’re up to your eyeballs and feel helpless. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Drawing retirement income from your super

You could reasonably question whether a tax-free retirement account, a tax structure in which you could hold investments and never pay a cent in income tax, capital gains tax or any other tax for that matter, was actually legal.

Tips for buying your first home: what the banks won’t tell you

When you're about to take out a mortgage and want to ensure you keep costs to a minimum the first thing you can do to put yourself in a good financial position is save more than the standard 20% of the purchase price as a deposit.

Building a solid financial foundation

Whatever your goals – whether saving for a house, putting the kids through private school, or ensuring you’re comfortable in retirement – you must start with a sturdy foundation.

Demystifying income tax

If you're not in the tax & accounting business, you're probably thinking this sort of topic is better avoided.

It's your super, don't give it away!

For many Australians, super is going to be the most valuable asset we have, after our house, if we’re lucky enough to own one. So shouldn’t we make sure it ends up in the right hands when we die?